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Milestones of every web project

Let's see how your digital presence will be created

Illustration of business evaluation.

Evaluate your business

Figure out your strong points and what competition you are facing in the market

Illustration of many electrical devices.

Design for your users

Based on the findings, the site will be designed to align with your business model and customers' needs

Illustration of a clock.

Test with real users

In this stage, the site is tested with target audiences as well as random users

Illustration of business marketing.

Market your site

Along the way, the site will be added multiple methods and devices to make it attract more viewers

Web Projects

Freelance Project

An image taken from the site

In this latest project, I've worked with the Portland-based photographer Thien to create his portfolio website. The website is made with WordPress for the purpose of easily updating.

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College Project

CAS 285 - Capstone (Group Project)

An image of black people againsting racism.

In this project, I worked in a group as the sole designer and helped to create a website for the Walk Abina. Walk Abina, or Walk Albina’s Black History, is an annual event held by the history instructor Andrea to show the rich cultural history of the area and the individuals who lived there.

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College Project

CAS 222 - Integrated Web Design

An image of people preparing for a marathon.

This was one of the most challenging web-related courses at Portland Community College. In this one, I had to build a website for a marathon competition.

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Personal Work

Hana Flowershop

An image of alstroemeria flowers.

This is one of the three personal projects I made in summer 2017. The purposes were to learn how to use Photoshop in creating web mockups and to learn new CSS styling properties, such as flex box and grid.

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College Project

CAS 211W - WordPress Customization/Themes

A black and white image of a photographer.

In this project, my job is to create a WordPress theme for a certain type of users. I make this for photographers, but it's likely to work for many other type of users as well. For this one, I created the whole thing from Boostrap template.

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A Few Words

A drawing of Dat Nguyen, the owner of this website.

Dat Nguyen is a graduate from Portland Community College and majors in Web Development & Design. He's usually seen learning and making designs. Certainly, web designing is his strongest skill.

In his free time, he may learn Japanese, learn to draw, learn music, or read various types of books. He's a keen believer that designing is not an easy job, and that the more one knows, the more his designing skill may be refined.